Changing My Mind Set And Taking It To The Next Level

Michele AlexandrouLife Changing Experience implementing growth building strategies in my business.

I have been in Real Estate for 27 years and always have done reasonably well, but I wanted to reach higher levels, I knew I have the experience to do this, and decided to reinvent myself as you have to do in the Real Estate Profession.

I first met Julie, when I attended Michael Sheargold Ultimate Real Estate Coaching Session, I found her to be very personable and caring, I was immediately taken with Julie, she made me feel welcome, I was managing a successful Award winning Real Estate Company in Adelaide, and they decided to hire Michael Sheargold for training for 12 month Real Estate Coaching. Julie was my coach; I had been away in Broome for 3 years so it was time to reinvent myself.

Julie made me accountable to having a cold hard look at my market share in my area, I must say it was very confronting, seeing I had been in the industry for years, and still wasn’t getting in right.

It was a simply plan but very strategic, my market share immediately started to increase, this was in 2012.

I attended AREC 2013 and the Glenn Twiddle Conference and decided I needed to get serious and change, so I asked Julie to Coach me once again, I really couldn’t afford it but decided, it was going to cost me money if I didn’t do it, in just 2 months, I have exceeded my expectations of Sales and Listing.

I finally believe I have clarity in my life. I had the best meeting setting up my year 2014, in the Gold Coast with Julie, I now have a Yearly Planner with all my marketing on the planner and holidays, it has been very powerful for me to get this done, I finally feel I have control of my future.I enjoy being accountable finally.

Julie’s experience and knowledge is second to none in the industry today, she deliver’s her message to you in a calm and simply message, having the experience reinventing herself, really does give me so much faith, Logical Coaching “Helping you find your way” is so true.

My personal favourite is only focus on only what makes you money.

Julie, thank you for being so kind to me and believing in me every step of the way.

– Michele Alexandrou, Toop & Toop Real Estate