Marketing Ideas Are First Class

Adam NobelI am writing this testimonial as a thank you for the wisdom and care that you have showed towards me as a client. I am also writing this so prospective clients can get an idea of my experience with you and what they can expect.

I first met Julie when I was at re/max. She was invited as a guest speaker to talk at a re/max training event. I was immediately impressed by her direct and effective approach. She instantly had everyone’s attention and provided the group with excellent skill based ideas that we could implement straight away. She also spoke a lot about having the right head space, attitude, and about several psychological aspects of our work.

Julie really is more than a highly sought after real estate coach. She is also a life coach.

While working with Julie it became evident as to what my why was in real estate, and as a result I have made many positive changes in my life and business. That process was quite confronting and uncomfortable but I have Julie to thank for it.  Julie’s marketing ideas are first class. The habits that she can help you form are also first class. Her emphasis on relationships is also very strong. There have been many fabulous nuggets that she has imparted on me to which I am grateful for.

If you are thinking about getting a coach you are welcome to phone me directly about my experience as I am certain you will gain a better quality of life and reach your goals sooner if you work with Julie. On a personal note, you will be hard pressed to find a more giving and caring person than Julie. She really is one a billion. Julie, I look forward to a great year with you in 2014.

– Adam Nobel, Space Property