90 Day Performance Management Program

The program is designed to get Agents and Property Managers back on track and “In the Zone”.

In the 90 day program we will have identify your innate strengths and talents and then show you how to both manage and leverage those talents.

In the fast paced and diverse world of real estate we all need to be operating as efficiently as possible. We will hit your reset button and help manage you to where you will be achieving the absolute best results in the simplest and most stress-free way.

Agent Dynamics Performance Management Review

First step is for us to know where you are in your business at the present time. We will ask you to complete a simple questionnaire that will provide us with a snapshot of what the “Now” looks like so that we can plan for what the future needs to look like.

Agent Dynamics Profile Assessment

You will complete a psychometric profile online, we will then forward you results so that you can read them prior to our debrief session.

Profile debrief

Once we have reviewed the outcome of your profile we will debrief you and work through the results either in person or via skype.

Strategy Session

In this session we will help you plan out your next 12 months and develop the most appropriate strategies to have you working to your natural talents and strengths.

Farming Area Facts & Business Success Planner Template

We will give you templates that will allow you to track and monitor your success in your farming area and to track your progress against your budget.

Monthly Webinar

A monthly webinar will be held each month and then be available online for you to re-visit when you feel the need to “brush up”

Fortnightly one hour strategy/accountability call

We will have a one hour coaching accountability call each fortnight. During the call we will ensure that you are on track and will respond to any challenges that you may be facing.

Unlimited email access

In between our coaching call you will have unlimited email access to obtain assistance with anything that needs a “now” response.

No long term financial commitment – 90 day program

There is no long term financial or time commitment required from you. There are also no direct debit arrangements or complex contracts.

You may have a few questions or need some further information so shoot us an email or give us quick call. We’ll be glad to help.

Enabled Me To Re-Focus

image-smallJust to let you know that I have just completed my second week at Bell Property. I also wanted to thank you for getting me back on track.  The “get on track” mentoring program has enabled me to re-focus, re-energize and really enjoy getting back to being productive.

My principal was astonished at how well I knew my farming area and had my four zone/ four week marketing program ready to go!

After many years in the industry I can honestly say I have never been so excited and confident about what I am doing and where I am going!  I would highly recommend your “get back on track” program to anyone wanting to have a planned and systemized approach to achieving success in their business.

Working with Julie was not just about getting great results in real estate but great results in life! I love what I do but I love that I have a balanced and meaningful life outside of my real estate career.

Shiree Kay, One Agency – Belgrave And Beyond

I Am Now The Number One Agent

kateAfter going through one of the most challenging health years of my life it is so good to “come out the other side”.

Making the decision to work with you and participate in your 30-day “get on track” mentoring program – my business today has totally taken a 360-degree turn.

After changing agencies, then nine week later being forced to take four months away from my business due to health  – the thought of starting over was daunting to say the least.

In real estate it’s about results as you know… and results today are what I have got!

I have gone from not knowing where my next listing was coming from, how much I was going to earn each month, to now having a clear and planned path to follow. The strategies that you have taught me are easy to implement and make so much sense.  The decision to invest in my business has paid dividends in so many ways.

I am now the number one agent in my office and just last week sold in excess of 2.8 million dollars of stock, not bad for a country town. I am the lead agent in my farm area and my business is in momentum and I love it!

“Thank you forever Coach Jules for helping me get on track!”

– Kate Maday – McKillop Property – Southern Highlands