Continual training is one of the cornerstones to a successful real estate business. At Logical Coaching we provide a range of training programmes suited to all facets of our industry.

All our workshops are half day and can be delivered in-house, at local venues or at our facility on the Gold Coast.

To ensure great interaction and achieve the best results all workshops are limited to 25 attendees.

Some of our specialist programmes for 2014 include:

Train and retain

Too many business owners are looking for a team of superstars. You might find them but can you keep them? We will show you how to identify the right bums for the right seats and when you get them, how to stop them fidgeting.  We think Agents spend too much time trying to train unsuitable people for the wrong roles. It’s so much easier to identify and fix the problem at the start and not at the exit interview six months later.

Support team management

It doesn’t matter how good the “Guns” are if the “ammunition” is faulty. The workshops, dissects the entire process of hiring, training and getting the absolute most from your support team or BDU. A must for successful agents looking at taking the next step the ladder of success.  For those who want to develop a “team” not “a payroll of employees”

Kulture Vulture

Nothing will destroy a business like a lousy “Kulture”. High staff turnover, gorillas in the midst, coffee shop coups and the symptoms go on. We will help you how to identify the areas to focus on to re-birth your business and have a place where people flourish and success thrives. It’s fixable and it’s easy.

Love me Tender

This workshop is ideally suited to the Agent who is being rolled by the Auctioneers at listing presentations or the Independent agents looking for an edge over the Franchises. Give yourself an unmatchable point of difference in your market place. A point of difference that your Vendors will absolutely love.

Terri Cooper Real Estate MasteryFrom being a complete skeptic around the benefit of the tender process in residential sales, I am now a total convert!

The Tender and Negotiation workshop delivered by Julie and Neil from Logical Coaching was great – I came to understand how this process delivers the very best sales result – It allows all the benefits of the “no price” auction strategy but removes the stress from the seller.

And even more importantly this process totally changes the dynamic of the highest bidder only just topping the under bidders offer – resulting in top price for the seller – brilliant!

– Terri Cooper, Principal, Real Estate Mastery

Negotiatiaton…. You’re in Control

Being a good negotiator will get you more listings, more sales and more commissions.

This half day seminar powers you up to understand the psychology behind what the sellers and buyers are thinking at each and every negotiation. We teach you how to identify it, how to counter it and most importantly how to control it.

The skill set gained in this 3 hour session will change your business forever.

Property Management

Property management is often like the ugly sister. We overwork it, take it for granted, complain about it and lock it in the back room. Then one day a handsome Prince comes along and steals it away. This half day workshop will help you bring your team to Cinderella status.

We’ll show you how to get higher fees, increase the value of your rent roll and reduce your team’s work load. The best news is that both your landlords and your team will love it…….all because it’s based on Logic.

These are just some of the workshops available. To discuss your agencies individual requirements or to tailor a package please call or email us.

Each course can be tailored to suit restrictive time frames and locations.