Tender, Negotiation And Ad Writing Workshop For Real Estate Agents

Finally! the opportunity to have a unique point of difference in the market place that will leave the competition in your wake

If you are up against the big Auction Franchises with their huge profiles and marketing campaigns you need to be able to offer your vendors
a far better way to sell. And Tender is it.

Thursday 7th August 2014

The Most Effective But Underutilised Real Estate Sales Method

Tenders are not new, but they are the most underutilized method of sale in the country today. It’s not because they don’t work, it’s because Auctions are so embedded into the Agents psyche and no one has mastered the art of selling by Tender….until now.

In today’s market if the agents are talking Auction at the listing presentation then the only guy with a point of difference will be you. The others will be so entrenched in Auctions they will see you as a “flash in the pan that won’t last”.

Terri Cooper Real Estate MasteryFrom being a complete skeptic around the benefit of the tender process in residential sales, I am now a total convert!

The Tender and Negotiation workshop delivered by Julie and Neil from Logical Coaching was great – I came to understand how this process delivers the very best sales result – It allows all the benefits of the “no price” auction strategy but removes the stress from the seller.

And even more importantly this process totally changes the dynamic of the highest bidder only just topping the under bidders offer – resulting in top price for the seller – brilliant!

– Terri Cooper, Principal, Real Estate Mastery

Your business will change forever as you become the master of the market

We’ll give you a case study of a small independent agency that would compete with the No.1 office of one of the country’s largest and most successful Franchises….and win…almost each and every time.

Learn the skills, the process and the dialogue that will enable you to totally negate any benefit of Auctions that your competition may present. They won’t be able to counter the logic, nor will your Vendors.

The benefits of selling by Tender to your clients are huge and we will systematically give you each and every one of them.

Home sales are won and lost at the negotiation table.

Most people’s idea of the negotiation process is …

One party makes an offer, the other party makes another offer and hopefully we’ll meet in the middle”.

Vendors often think we care more about the commission than getting them the last cent and sadly in some cases that’s perfectly accurate.

We’ll show you how to control the negotiation so that you will be in charge and be able to look your Vendor in the eye and declare

I’m 99% sure I have their highest offer”.

The session includes a negotiation role play by Neil that will give you a clear understanding of the psychology and the responses of both buyer and seller.

A Simple Systemised Process That Works

We will give you a simple systemized process that works that you can start using the very next day. Your negotiation skills are one of the greatest listing tools available but until Vendors believe it, they’re just words.

It doesn’t “ad” up

Let’s face it, when it comes to ad writing most agents are shockers. We ask our vendors contribute to the marketing and then we put together copy that is exactly the same as every other ad on the page or the site. Points of difference work right across every aspect of our listing presentations, and when vendors understand that our ads are different, then we get another tick in the box.

Putting together excellent advertising copy that is different is not hard, in fact it is fairly simple and we’ll show you how.

The workshop supplies you with simple strategies and dialogue that will make your ads stand out in the market and it’s all based on logic.

Workshop Details

  • Date: Thursday August 7th 2014
  • Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm
  • Venue: Freshwater Point Resort, 33 T.E. Peters Drive, Broadbeach, QLD 4218
  • Investment: $297 plus. GST (Existing Logical Coaching clients $237 plus. GST)

Easy to implement…simple to execute!

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Tender, Negotiation and Ad Writing Workshop

Tender And Negotiation Workshop

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